Icos Capital accelerates sustainability by investing in breakthrough technologies that can deliver reduction and / or avoidance of 1 G T CO2e by 2050

With every investment fund managed that targets reduction of CO2e within the fund period, thus quantified, measurable and validated by third parties

With every investment made must contribute to reduction of CO2e and tracked over investment life

Initial investment of €1-5 M excluding follow-on investment 

1. Sustainable competitive advantage with cost and carbon (Mtons CO2) leadership

2. Early growth stage companies with validated B2B market traction, Prospective sales ~ €1-5 M, production in tons with minimal risk in factory scale-up

3. Industrial B€ market opportunity with high CAGR

Food Systems


Chemicals & Materials




Primarily European companies

US/ Asian companies with strong European presence 

Companies with positive impact on 3 pillars of EU Taxonomy regulations, i.e. green house gas emission (GHG), circular economy, biodiversity and measurable reductive impact on CO2e

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