Alternative Proteins Q&A with Thijs Bosch

Creating reliable, sustainable food systems for a growing population is an incredible and complex challenge. Currently, our food systems are hugely polluting and causing deforestation, biodiversity loss and large-scale carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Thijs Bosch sees the potential for alternative proteins to lead the way in the sustainable food transition. We talked to Thijs about his work at Cosun … Read More

Food Processing Innovation, PEF Technologies, Raises €1.5 M as they enter their next phase

PEF Technologies is developing an innovative technology that can preserve liquids at lower temperatures, without loss of taste, color and nutritional value. The technique uses up to 50% less energy than the current method of pasteurisation. Energiefonds Overijssel, Oost NL (from Innovatiefonds Overijssel) and Icos Capital are jointly investing €1.5 million in the further development of the technology and market … Read More

Holiferm Open Their First Commercial Biosurfactant Plant

4th February 2023, Wallasey UK: Holiferm’s first commercial biosurfactant was opened by the Mayor of Wirral, Jeff Green. Holiferm hosted an opening ceremony for its first commercial biosurfactant plant on the afternoon of 16th February. The plant at Wallasey is a first of its kind facility. It will initially be producing circa 1100 tonnes of our biosurfactant using our patented … Read More

NapiFeryn BioTech closes a €2.5 Million Investment round to launch its canola/rapeseed protein from large oil pressing side streams

30th January 2023, Amsterdam: NapiFeryn BioTech Sp. z o.o. (“NapiFeryn”), creator of unique, patented technology for obtaining rapeseed protein from side-streams of oil pressing, has closed a € 2.5 million investment, led by Icos Capital and joined by a Polish family office. Founded in Poland in 2014, NapiFeryn developed and patented a unique process to obtain rapeseed proteins (Raptein®) from … Read More

Icos Exits Health Food Company, BioActor

Icos Capital, Brightlands Ventures and LIOF exit health food ingredient company BioActor, leader in the development and commercialisation of clinically proven natural active ingredients for leading food brands to French corporate Solabia Group The Netherlands, 12 January 2023 – Announcement of sale of its shares in BioActor to Solabia Founded in 2011, BioActor is an innovation leader in the development … Read More

CarbonOrO closes € 4.1 Million Series A Round to Grow Point Source Carbon Capture Technology

December 21, 2022: CarbonOrO Holding B.V. (CarbonOrO), a provider of low-cost carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and separation technology, has just closed a € 4.1 million equity investment led by Icos Capital, INPEX CORPORATION, Putifer (in total € 3.3 million) and the three founders (€ 0.8 million). CarbonOrO is delivering a solution to industrial CO2 emitters with technology that captures carbon … Read More