PEF Technologies receives an investment.

Nowadays, consumers more consciously opt for food that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Milk naturally contains important nutrients, e.g. protein and calcium, and forms part of a healthy nutritional diet. The demand for protein-rich products is increasing, as is an interest in a different type of dairy product, consistent with new consumer lifestyles. Standard pasteurization techniques are not able to preserve all nutrient properties which are important for the consumers. In particular, the immune-proteins (e.g., lactoferrin) are the most affected ones after heat treatment.

The prominent features of nanoPEF, such as lower energy consumption compared to existing preservation processes and capability to inactivate microorganisms at temperatures that do not cause any changes in flavor, color or nutrient value of foods, open a new horizons for the dairy industry.

We are glad to announce that in July, 2022 PEF Technologies received an investment from ICOS Capital and Energiefonds Overijssel. Both investment partners are focused on sustainable industry and we believe that their knowledge and passion for innovations will help our company to take the next steps in development and commercialization of energy efficient and non-thermal nanoPEF technology.