Icos Innovation Summit Postponed

To protect everyone's health, safety and wellbeing, we must unfortunately postpone the Icos Innovation Summit due to COVID-19 (corona virus).

Given the escalating concerns of COVID-19 or “corona virus”, and the concerns of our speakers and participants, we have decided to postpone the Icos Innovation Summit.

At the current time, we feel that we aren’t able to create a compelling event for startups, corporates and investors in the way we had anticipated. We shall be in touch regarding a new date in Autumn.

Regardless if you have registered or not, you don’t need to do anything for now as we will consider if and how to transfer the registrations when a new date has been decided. Please keep an eye out for updates through email and on our event page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wouter on wvr@icoscapital.com Thank you for your understanding,

The ICOS Capital Team



Nityen Lal


Icos Capital


Peter van Gelderen


Icos Capital


Ian Roberts


Bühler Group

Why Attend


  • Meet and network with leading
    startups in hyper growth tech markets

  • 1 day of network focused conference with maximum value for your time

  • Immediate feedback from market leading corporate customers or business partners

  • Better investment insights


  • Meet and network with market leading innnovators in your specific areas of business

  • Access to dealflow pre-screened and pre-qualified by experts at Icos Capital

  • Insights from Icos capital, industry experts and other corporations and get feedback on state of the market and innovation

  • Where to gain a competitive edge and
    find opportunities for growth in 2019


  • Meet your potential customers, investors in a deal making focused event

  • Get feedback from the market,
    customers, partners, investors and industry experts

  • Fundraising? Market yourself to the right strategic and financial investors

  • Questions and concerns on Exits?
    Gain insights to how and when – and to whom you should exit?

  • Gain knowledge from top funds on how to grow your company through





2019 Highlights