What is the Difference between Carbon Neutral and Net Zero?

Net Zero is a concept we hear everywhere. People, countries and companies are all talking about decarbonising, and some of them are actually decarbonising. Some claim to be Carbon Neutral, some on the path to what’s known as Net Zero and some claim to be Carbon Neutral in their Net Zero plan. But is a Carbon Neutral strategy the same … Read More

Carbon Clean on track to enable the capture of 1 billion tonnes of CO2 through its cost-effective solutions for industrial carbon emitters

Chevron announced a new investment in Carbon Clean, just days before the publication of the second instalment of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report. 10th March 2022, The Netherlands Carbon Clean doesn’t shy away from a big goal; it is targeting the removal of 1 billion tonnes of CO2 through its cost-efficient carbon capture solutions. … Read More

Sustainability, health and allergen answers could be lying in a chickpea

The chickpea is a simple and humble legume. But in the past years, we’ve seen it transformed into products like chips, frosting for cakes and much more. In Israel, a country where the chickpea reigns supreme in dishes like hummus and falafel, Innovopro is taking the chickpea to a whole new level. They call it the chickpea revolution and have … Read More

Icos Invests in NoPalm

Ede, Netherlands; January 18 – NoPalm Ingredients, a BioTech Start-up making sidestream-based microbial oil to replace palm oil as an ingredient in food, cosmetics and detergents, announced today it has raised € 1M in a first funding round. Green Creators, Future Food Fund and ICOS Capital have joined the round as well as a group of angel investors. NoPalm Ingredients … Read More

Icos Invests in Dutch/US Health Food Innovator, WholeFiber

Improving gut and immune health with wholesome vegetables rich in prebiotic fibers WholeFiber, a revolutionary health food innovator with roots in The Netherlands and United States, has developed a “minimal processing” production technique, yielding dried vegetable products that boost gut and metabolic health. WholeFiber’s proprietary, sustainable process results in products with beneficial physiological characteristics including a mixture of four prebiotic … Read More

Holiferm Sustainable Cleaning and Household Products

Holiferm’s sustainable biosurfactants A Conversation with Ben Dolman, CEO of Holiferm Holiferm uses fermentation to replace petrochemical and tropical oil based surfactants, creating huge economic improvements and more environmentally friendly cleaning, household and personal care products. Here, we talk to CEO, Ben Dolman about Holiferm and sustainable chemistry in the lead up to the Icos Innovation Summit. What are surfactants … Read More

Icos looks at diversity and inclusion, internally, and across their portfolio

According to a study done by McKinsey, gender and ethnic diverse teams outperform by nearly 30% teams with fewer women and ethnic-diversity. At Icos we believe that increasing diversity in business means more thoughtful solutions, higher productivity and a stronger change of success for scaling companies. Alongside the release of our Annual Report, focused on people – planet – profit, … Read More

Carbon emissions and the Growth of Carbon Capture in Heavy Industry

There has never been a more urgent time to address carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Net zero emissions targets for 2050 have not only been set by political leaders and countries, but also by some of the largest players in the world’s most polluting industries. To align with the targets set out in the 2016 Paris Accord, industrial CO2 emissions … Read More

Circular Water at Rotterdam’s Newest Brewery

Using waste water and residual heat as energy, Rainmaker is transforming the waste water of the “Stadshaven brouwerij” brewery in Rotterdam into fresh water, ready to be used again in the beer production process. Producing 2 million litres of beer every year produces quite some waste water, but Rainmaker and Stadshaven brouwerij have partnered to create a circular water management … Read More