The Icos Sustainability Challenge 2018 – Smart Production Systems Challenge

Smart Productions Systems Challenge


IT can be a driving force to move manufacturing towards better performance, more efficient use of raw materials and ultimately to lower costs.

Digitization within the manufacturing is not new but such implementations have tended to be limited in the past. Focusing on sustainability innovations related to sensors, IoT and Industry 4.0 thinking is leading to a changed mindset.

Icos Capital and its corporate partners seek high-impact technologies such as innovations for:

  • Optimization of raw materials especially in chemical plants;
  • Predictive analytics to ensure smoother running of plants;
  • Productizing the Internet of Things (IoT) versus consulting services
  • Robotics that address complex industry tasks cost effectively, specifically focused on food and chemical sectors
  • Innovative sensors that go beyond temperature and vibration
  • Wearable devices for safety and smart risk management in factories

We are looking for

  • Scaleup phase companies with launching customers
  • Platform technology with plug & play ease of implementation
  • Process focused versus appliances

Over the next few weeks Icos Capital will release more challenges on the biggest sustainability challenges. Stay up to date by following us on social media!

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