The Icos Sustainability Challenge 2018 – Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

Sustainable chemistry is about the use of renewable resources, and in particular bio-based resources, to produce sustainable chemicals and materials. The potential for such products is tremendous, with a global market estimated to be around 1 trillion euro.

The transition towards a lower footprint economy started slow but is definitely accelerating. Driven by end-user concerns about security of feedstock, legislation forcing industry towards lower eco-footprint products and production systems, and increasing consumer pressure. A challenging caveat has been the reluctance of end consumers to pay a premium for green products. Simultaneously, more and more technological breakthroughs are leading towards cost-competitive solutions.

Realizing circular concepts and transitioning into a circular cycle can also contribute to this solution by breaking traditional and linear “take-produce-consume-dispose” cycles. This can be done by better designing products for production, consumption, and recycling.

Icos Capital and its corporate partners seek high impact technologies such as innovations for:

  • Bio-based materials and chemicals
  • Process technologies to convert bio and waste resources into valuable materials
  • Circular Economy solutions breaking the “take-produce-consume-dispose” cycle

What do we look for in solutions and what criteria should be met?

  • Companies with developed solutions and launching customers
  • Solutions which do not require significant change in existing industrial infrastructure
  • Minimal capex investments in new processing equipment
  • (Early) Growth / Scale-Up phase companies
  • Impact in terms of cost, performance and sustainability

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