The Icos Sustainability Challenge 2018– Sustainable Agri-Food Systems


Sustainable Agri-Food-Systems Challenge

Sustainable agri-food-systems are about innovations in farming, processing and distribution for food, fiber and any other plant or animal products. Such innovations should also protect and preserve human beings and the environment. Their implementation reduces future economic, environmental and social costs, and at the same time strengthens economic competitiveness.

The transition of agri-food production and consumption systems to a sustainable and low carbon industry involves many complex technical, political and social aspects. It requires the inclusion of alternative resources, new ways of production and consumption, innovations to increase productivity and new regulatory and institutional infrastructures to co-ordinate the transition.

A main driver of this challenge is fast growth in the world’s population which at the same time becomes wealthier and more demanding with respect to its diet. The global population also becomes more urban which changes the way the agri-food sector must operate. At the same time, there is increased competition for land, water and energy, all of which pose major concerns.

Icos Capital and its corporate partners seek high impact technologies such as innovations for:


  • Increased productivity all over the agri-food value chain
  • Alternative resources    e.g.: proteins from insects, algae, seaweed and methane
  • Efficient process technologies to convert such new resources into end products


What do we look for in solutions and what criteria should be met?


  • Companies with developed solutions and launching customers
  • Solutions that do not require significant change in consumer behavior
  • Minimal capex investments in new processing equipment
  • (Early) Growth / Scale-Up phase companies
  • Impact in terms of cost, performance and sustainability


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