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Meet and network with leading startups in hyper growth tech markets.

1 day of networking focused conference focused on maximum value for your time.

Immediate feedback from market leading corporate customers or business partners.






Meet and network with leading innnovators in your specific areas of business.

Access to dealflow pre-screened and pre-qualified by experts at Icos Capital.

Insights from Icos capital, industry experts and other corporations and get feedback on state of the market and innovation.

Where to gain a competitive edge and find opportunities for growth in 2019.



Innovators (startups)



Meet your potential customers, investors in a deal making focused event.

Get feedback from the market, customers, partners, investors and industry experts.

Fundraising? Market yourself to the right strategic and financial investors.

Questions and concerns on Exits? Gain insights to how and when – and to whom you should exit?

Gain knowledge from top funds on how to grow your company through a range of high-level panels.



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