Accelerated modern human-induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction.

Awareness about this concern is not lost on the world. Political, consumer and market concerns about this fact is growing and has already led to correction according to a recently published “The New Climate Economy Report”.
As cleantech specialist investor, Icos Capital is investor in breakthrough innovations that deliver measurable value to sustainability of human beings & their environment.

Icos Capital is an early stage cleantech investor.

Icos Capital represents an eco-system of experts and corporate partners that understands the sustainability challenges & opportunities down to specific industry sectors. We invest in disruptive technologies to realize “Sustainability focused economy”. Our investments play a leading role in converting sustainability issues into business opportunities.

We appreciate the risks & rewards of investing in pre-revenue or initial revenue ventures. Investing in early stage business is just as complex as any other business and operational or day-to-day challenges will arise. Icos Capital has credible experience and built an ecosystem around itself to be successful in seed & early stage. We have the experience and network to continuously support our investments from seed to profitable growth stage.

We have established alliances and internal processes to ensure that entrepreneurs are able to focus on core priorities while professional reporting, financial management and other key back office functions are managed by capable professionals.

We have also developed investment structures specific to spinouts to ensure professors and universities maintain their upside in spite of substantial investment capital required to build such companies.

Icos Investment Rules

Investing in cleantech start-up requires careful evaluation of the opportunity from different perspective and follows a structured process led by the team at Icos capital with valuable contribution from corporate partners. We also seek to invest in companies that adhere to the following rules:

1. Sustainable competitive advantage (IP, assets, contracts): Pioneering companies have value in the market because of the strong competitive barrier established with patents, contracts or substantial assets. This is what Warren Buffet calls ‘Enduring moat’ that does not need to be constantly reinvented.

2. Strong technology & industry team (know your customer not just technology): The management of the start-ups must represent exceptional insight in the industry targeted and not just technology.

3. Compelling solutions in existing global markets and for known problems: The Fund will focus on start-ups that target existing global markets and known problems. We believe, the probability of success being higher if customers are desperately looking for a solution (market pull) rather than a technology looking to find a problem or trying to push improvements.

4. Compelling financial business case with high margins and strong EBITDA: High margins and strong EBITDA potential are indications of strong company profile and leading signals for higher value to potential buyers.