What is venture capital fund?


What are the benefits of partnering with a venture capital firm such as Icos Capital?

-Icos Capital steps into high-risk scenarios offering higher amounts of equity than most other investment institutions or banks.
-Icos Capital specializes in high-growth technology companies and has proven experience in successful ventures.
-Icos Capital follows a portfolio approach that involves multiple investments in various technology firms.
-This allows us to work professionally with our investments and maintain a degree of distance and objectivity –
(often not the case with informal investors.)
-Venture capital firms invest in equity where their interests are aligned with those of the management team.
-The management at Icos Capital has its compensation aligned with the success of its investments.

What are the distinguishing features of Icos Capital?

Smart Capital: Icos Capital has over 100 years of experience in cleantech and venture capital on cumulative basis. This has resulted in experience of participating in the building process of over 40 cleantech companies as operational and /or investment executives. Our experience is valuable because the process of building a transformational business is difficult and needs the best and the most experienced brains in the business.

Operational venture capital: Strong managers recognize that it is difficult to go alone when it comes to building businesses to their level of ambition. Our experience and network is valuable as Icos Capital brings much more in terms of operational experience such as, network of financiers worldwide, experience with debt financing, supplier network, IP / patent expertise and M&A expertise. Icos Capital’s business model, which engages in partnerships with strategic corporations and entrepreneurs, is geared towards delivering concrete commercial benefits to its portfolio companies.

Who decides on the investment?

The Icos Capital management team must unanimously agree on any investment proposition.

What is the role of strategic investors?

A select group of top (board level) executives from strategic investors participate in the Investment Advisory Committee. This group is instrumental in bringing up to date business insight into investment decisions making. Further, this group enables access to their respective organization for the purposes of due diligence and strategic partnership as well.

When will the Fund decide to pursue an exit?

Investments will be made with a view towards the method and timing of the exit. Potential exits will only be pursued when the method and timing are deemed appropriate. Our efforts during the later phase will be geared towards engineering this successful exit and facilitating decisions within the company that accomplish the exit on the best possible terms for the shareholders.

When will the Fund do follow-on investments?

The Fund will evaluate each follow-on investment prospect in the same way as any new investment. However, the experience of having already being an investor in the portfolio company will also be considered in the investment decision-making process.

How will portfolio firms be monitored and how much time will be spent on each investment?

Generally, Icos Capital acts on an as-needed basis. In the early phase of the investment, a structural process is put in place by Icos Capital to ensure the partnership is driven towards consistent appreciation of the value of the investment through synergistic efforts from the investee company and the investors. At the time the investment is made, Icos Capital will identify a value addition plan in partnership with the management team. The goal is then for Icos Capital to execute and report on the progress of its value addition plan every month. This strategy not only ensures that the efforts of Icos Capital are channeled appropriately, but that portfolio companies benefit fully from the experience and expertise of the Icos Capital team.

How do I submit my business for consideration?

You can submit your business memorandum or a complete business plan for consideration to Icos Capital by emailing us at info@icoscapital.com, or contacting us directly to discuss your plan.